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Sports and leisure businesses need to streamline their operations to capitalise on opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. The finance software we use can help.

Accounting Software
for Leisure Providers

In the highly competitive leisure industry, focusing on proactive engagement with customers and members is paramount to providing a premium, personalised service.

Whether you’re a local authority, private sector sports venue, or education facility, you can futureproof your business and stay ahead of key market trends by embracing industry focused, data analytics technology.

Sage accounting software provides powerful tools that allow sports venues, clubs, theme parks, tourist attractions, gyms and leisure centres, to get a clear 360° view of their performance and identify key areas for growth.

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Benefits of Sage Intacct for Sports & Leisure:

  • Easily manage business wide, multi-function database
  • Organise and streamline critical business processes
  • Improve customer engagement and overall satisfaction
  • Proactively control costs, resources and operations
  • Boost productivity and focus on delivering exceptional customer experience

Sage Intacct
for Leisure

Sage Intacct offers the perfect accounting solutions for the fast paced sports and leisure industry, enabling you to track financial data, operational metrics and critical KPIs in real-time.

You can slice and dice the data to create reports for any number of purposes and easily share them across your organisation with secure access for executives, managers, and other stakeholders.

What’s more is you can access your data from any location, at any time, on any device, with a single sign-on.

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Must Have

The leisure, sports and entertainment industry is both dynamic and challenging when it comes to accounting. Managing seasonal demands, shared assets, special events, unpaid fees and promotions can put pressure on your finance department. Leisure providers need a sophisticated accounting solution with strong reporting capabilities and real-time visibility so you can see business performance at a glance.

Accounting Software for Sports & Leisure

Integration & Scalability

Sports, leisure, and entertainment providers, managing multiple business units, need to see the bigger picture when it comes to financial and operational performance. Our flexible Sage solutions feature open APIs that enable you to easily customise your accounting software by integrating with third-party applications; so you can gather, display and analyse the unique data that drives your business.

Multi-Entity Management

Some sports and leisure organisations include shared assets, which can cause problems when it comes to accounting. No matter how complex your organisational structure, Sage software provides multi-entity management to streamline financial processes, making it easy to create relationships between entities and automate reporting.

Simplified Reporting

Problems with seasonal demands and unpaid fees can create numerous headaches when it comes to financial reporting. Sage Intacct can change all of that. Now your accounting team can tag daily transactions with customisable dimensions labelled for locations, departments, entities, customers, events and more.

Finance Systems for Sports Centres

Accounting Software

Our leisure management and accounting software solutions are completely scalable to suit your organisation.

With multi-department and multi-site integration you’ll gain a complete overview of your business, with accurate real-time insights of your performance and of your customers.

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