Corporate Social
Responsibility Statement

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statement outlines how we manage our business processes to produce a positive impact on our community and the communities of partners and customers.

Our CSR policy focuses on four key areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference:

Our Team

We are committed to the well-being and continual development of our team. Percipient employees are appreciated and valued, with regular feedback provided to ensure every employee has a clear understanding of their role and how they contribute to the business.

We expect all employees to uphold the same high standard of business practice and we recognise and reward individuals on the basis of performance, effort and contribution to the team.
We fully support diversity, fairness and equal opportunities, and aim to involve and consult with employees regularly on the direction of the business.

Our Customers

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with all our customers and stakeholders based on our core business values:

  • Collaboration
    By working together we ensure that you get the very best from the technology you use
  • Integrity
    As with any long-term relationship, openness, trust, and transparency are vital in all that we do
  • Responsibility
    As you’d expect from a true partner, we always take responsibility for what we do
  • Quality
    We’re never satisfied with second best and we don’t expect you to be either

We strive to provide fair value, consistent quality and reliability with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our Environment

We are aware of our environmental impact as a business and we’re committed to reducing our energy consumption and waste to landfill.

We aim to take all the appropriate steps to mitigating the impact Percipient has on the environment by implementing procedures that seek to improve our environmental performance and providing training when necessary, so employees understand their environmental responsibilities.

Our Community

We recognise the importance of the local community in which we operate, and we aim to enhance our contribution by being sensitive to the needs of local people and groups.

We also fully support and encourage our employees, partners, and customers in their own efforts to volunteer and make a positive impact in their communities.

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