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Sage Intacct accounting software for healthcare organisations, provides a clear 360° view of business performance. With complete integration into your back-office systems, you can automate your financial processes, gain more insight, and make confident decisions that will boost efficiencies.


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Healthcare providers are under constant pressure to deliver higher standards of care with fewer resources. At a time when you need total operational visibility and financial control the most, reliance on outdated back office systems and manual processes can really hold your business back.

Sage Intacct is a comprehensive accounting solution that combines clinical, financial, and operational data to enable faster, more informed decision-making, reduce manual input, and create efficiencies that improve margins and increase revenues.

Sage Intacct Dashboards
  • Core Financials
    Transform your business strategy and processes with Sage Intacct's powerful, automated core accounting software, eliminating tedious manual processes to free your team.
  • Dashboards & Reporting
    Turn data into insights and reach peak performance with rich, flexible, and real-time financial reports and customisable dashboards.
  • Platform
    Customise, integrate, and extend Sage Intacct's already world-class functionality, to create a bespoke solutions that is perfect for your individual needs.
  • Extended Capabilities
    Sage Intacct's advanced accounting software modules help to further automate and streamline key finance processes like multi-entity consolidation, revenue recognition, inventory control, project accounting, planning, and more.
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Whether you’re a private healthcare provider, a community health facility, an independent practice, or a non-profit service, Sage Intacct can help you monitor performance and keep your financial processes running smoothly.

Accounting Software for Healthcare Providers

Multi-Entity Management

Healthcare financials can be a complex environment. Manual processes are a drain on finance team productivity and challenge the ability to make timely data-driven decisions across multiple entities and locations. Sage Intacct’s core accounting capabilities solve these issues with a dimensional general ledger, continuous consolidation and the ability to drill down into the numbers across multiple entities, through easy-to-use reporting features and dashboards, with workflow automation and a solid audit trail.

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Cost Control & Budgeting

When margins are tight, controlling costs is paramount. Sage Intacct’s robust reporting capabilities enable you to drill down by location, item, cost drivers and more in a matter of minutes. Every transaction within the system is tagged with dimensions, so you can easily sort, filter, view, and report on the specific information you need. By reducing complexities and making your data current, you can manage your budgets more effectively and forecast with confidence.

Complete Integration

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based platform created to deliver multi-tenant financial management. It has an open API to provide an easy connection to existing and future third-party systems. This means you can leverage key data from patient records, inventory management, payroll, and other systems, to track metrics central to your operations. And because it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about complicated or expensive upgrades. All your users have the latest finance technology at their fingertips, at the same time.

Sage Intacct Partner

Choosing new finance software for your business can be overwhelming. Standalone systems are rapidly becoming an outdated concept for growing SMEs. Your ‘tech stack’ needs to integrate across your organisation in order to achieve your business goals.

A Sage Intacct solution by Percipient could be the answer.

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