Finance Integration Comes of Age

Chris Stock looks at how advances in integration capabilities are expediting digital transformation and driving performance improvements, crucially without traditional price tags.

The success of any technology project is dependent on a whole host of variables, from buy in at a senior leadership level to data quality. One variable, however, which stands to make or break the value of any deployment is integration.

In the past, the cost of integrating best of breed systems has been prohibitive and impeded the potential of projects, while modern, pre-integrated solution suites sometimes lack the niche capabilities, or third party connectivity necessary to support specific business goals.

The last few years have seen huge advances in addressing this dichotomy, as APIs and lightweight integration architecture facilitate truly game changing capabilities when it comes to deploying best-in-class platforms, cost effectively, without a need to compromise. Often referred to as Lego blocks, which are quick, flexible and modular, APIs are much more than enablers of system integration, rather an architecture which empowers developers to innovate and create elevated user experiences which support both collaboration and connectivity.

In contrast, traditional integration is a little like Airfix, which glues bespoke components to one another and once the model is completed, it’s rigid and difficult to change without massive compromise.

A Case in Point

Sage Intacct is a great example of a solution which is designed precisely with modern API-led architecture in mind.

Recognising the dichotomy faced by many enterprise software users, it provides a flexible framework from which to customise, add and change elements to suit the specific needs and nuances of a business, quickly and easily.

Customisations might include new fields and templates, perhaps to support a need for project accounting for example, as well as transaction definitions and workflows or dashboards.

The flexible APIs enable easy integration with third party systems to maximise both the speed and depth of insights, and crucially, it’s impossible to configure any aspect of the platform such as the core code, thus ensuring that scalability and associated fluidity are not compromised.

As well as facilitating greater control and confidence for customers, it also represents a win-win in project delivery as expectations are met fully and discussions around additional investment to bridge functionality gaps are avoided.

Because the core code of the system remains unchanged, irrespective of integration activities, scalability is assured. This means that the version is always current, which in itself, eliminates headaches, expensive projects and potential downtime.

The solution can be rolled out quickly to expedite speed to value and see ROI, and then, using the platform’s API-based framework, can integrate with other key systems incrementally and against a more flexible timeline. It also means that new systems can be linked to optimise visibility and access to the very best insights from which to drive data-driven decision-making and aid planning.

Escalating Expectations

As expectations of what technology can deliver continue to increase, so does the pressure on the industry to deliver against this.

Customers won’t settle for anything less than easy connectivity for the products and services they consume, and whether it’s in the home, car or workplace, they expect smart, easy accessibility.

Against this backdrop, gone are the days whereby organisations are prepared to compromise, and fuelled by an increased scrutiny on budgets every business case must be watertight and deliver value.

Thankfully, full scale digital transformation isn’t the only way to achieve major performance improvement or create new business models or channels. APIs can help a company to extend its reach, innovate and create new models from which to boost revenue, crucially without the price tag and disruption which are synonymous with major business transformation projects.

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