Sage Accounting Software Features

Jo Fuller reviews the suite of Sage accounting software solutions and talks us through her guide to selecting the right product for your organisation.    

ERP is the backbone of many organisations, automating, streamlining and fostering collaboration from a single system. But the sheer number of ERP solutions around means that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel unsure about where to start when looking for new capabilities.

The tech industry by its very nature can be confusing, and while we’re (thankfully) seeing a move away from jargon and acronym overload, in its place we’ve seen a raft of benefit-led propositions which on the face of it, can appear a little ubiquitous.

With the majority of ERP systems claiming to deliver efficiencies, productivity improvements, collaboration, enhanced reporting and better decision-making, how can ERP decision-makers seek out the right option for their specific business challenges?

Choosing the Right ERP Software

One size most definitely does not fit all when it comes to enterprise software, therefore, looking into the respective merits of each system against the size, industry, geographic profile and culture of your business is crucial.

Working with a consultancy which has in-depth knowledge and experience of both ERP and your industry can be hugely valuable in addressing this process.

The best consultancies will not only map your requirements and seek out capabilities to complement them, but unearth challenges or value adds which might not form part of the initial remit, but which will deliver substantial long term value.

But as a start point, a straight talking guide to the key features and functionality of each system can be incredibly useful. As a market leader, Sage provides several products all designed to deliver a plethora of benefits. But the type of system which best suits your needs is likely to vary enormously.

We’ve come up with an easy to read, snapshot of Sage’s core ERP products to highlight the main features and functionality – from deployment options to international compliance and project accounting. It has been designed to allow companies to get an idea of where to start the conversation with their chosen consultancy or provider.

Get In Touch

Of course, choosing the right ERP system is a big decision and the evaluation process should not be underestimated. But for those unsure about where to start, this guide aims to provide a steer in the right direction, and ensure that discussions with consultancies and providers are positive, productive and lead to the right solution for your business.

If you would like to discuss the benefits that Sage Intacct or Sage X3 could bring to your business, contact us or call us on 01606 871332.

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