The Evolution of the CFO 3.0

The finance function as we know it is evolving. New technologies are providing future finance leaders with an opportunity to re-imagine their strategies, automate manual processes and drive digitisation beyond finance into wider business transformations.

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Beyond Financial

Based on a survey of 500 UK financial decision makers, the CFO 3.0: Digital transformation beyond financial management report by Sage, provides a unique insight into the evolution of the chief financial officer role.

Today’s CFO is transforming into a real-time analyst. Tomorrow’s CFO will be a visionary. This is CFO 3.0.

CFO 1.0:
The Historian

Using historical data to review financial performance, the CFO 1.0 reflects the more traditional view of the finance professional as a guardian of the past.

51% say thinking of new ways to help the business with financial matters is the most challenging aspect of their job

CFO 2.0:
The Real-Time Analyst

Moving away from merely reporting on historical data, the CFO 2.0 uses modern financial tools to access and interpret real-time information, to provide the strategic insights needed to support business improvement.

77% will be unable to provide insights if they don’t invest in financial management technology

CFO 3.0:
The Visionary

Shaping future business performance, the CFO 3.0 uses emerging AI technology and predictive analytics to create a vision of the future to look ahead and plot business direction.

95% say their role has significantly changed over the last five years

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