How to Justify a Business
Case for Digitalisation

The events of 2020 have demanded agility in spades, with falls in income and freezes in expenditure, pushing the need for digitisation further down the priority list.

In reality, the implementation of future-proof technology could be just what’s needed to boost efficiencies, saving money and adding real value to businesses who are feeling the effects of the global pandemic.


Justifying the need to spend money is understandably difficult when cash is scarce. But understanding the benefits of such investments, knowing the true value of ROI, and building a business case to invest now, is something many businesses are starting to consider.

With this in mind we’ve created an e-book as part of our CFO 3.0 series, to help highlight the significance a well-thought out and well-executed digital transformation strategy can have on your business.

How to justify a business case for digitalisation

While 87% of senior business leaders regard digitalisation as a priority, only 40% of organisations have actually brought digital initiatives to scale.

CFO 3.0 the Gatekeepers of Critical Finance Data

CFO 3.0

As gatekeepers of critical finance data, CFOs are well-placed to recognise the significant benefits that cloud technology can bring, having comprehensive visibility over much business-critical data, not just limited to finance information.

It’s increasingly falling to CFOs to build a robust business case for digital transformation and drive strategic change right across the organisation in order to shape future business performance.

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Download our guide – CFO 3.0: How to justify a business case for digitalisation – and learn just how significant an impact a well-thought out and well-executed digitalisation strategy can have on your organisation.

Download the Guide

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