What Can Sage X3 Do For Your Business?

Dan Clibbens, takes an in-depth look at the features and benefits of Sage X3 – the next generation business management system.

Our global, digital economy means a faster pace of business for organisations the world over. In light of this, more and more of our customers are looking for ways to boost efficiencies right across the organisation, while increasing business agility, with a view to stealing that all important march on the competition.

Once reserved for huge multinational businesses, with IT budgets to match their global presence, ERP systems are now the solution of choice for organisations of all shapes, sizes and scopes, with different options available to meet even the most niche of requirements.

This is where Sage X3 is a perfect fit for mid-size businesses who are looking to reap all the benefits that can be achieved with the right ERP system in place, but without the complexity and spiralling costs that often come hand-in-hand with larger ERP solutions.

What is Sage X3?

Simpler and more cost-effective than other ERP systems, Sage X3 allows you to manage your entire business with a single, flexible solution, spanning all key business processes. Managing financials, supply chain, manufacturing, inventory, sales, distributions and customer service, Sage X3 gives you increased control and insight across the whole business, resulting in greater business agility and flexibility, for a much-needed competitive advantage.

By bringing together all areas of the business with a unified, centralised solution, Sage software provides decision-makers with an up-to-date, holistic view of the business. The increased data confidence and reliability that this brings facilitates faster, more robust decisions, making for a more responsive and decisive business.

What Does Sage X3 Do?

Sage X3 is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted, giving you greater control over all key business processes and procedures. When it comes to financial management, Sage manages all key financial functions, including general ledger, cost accounting and budgeting, to name but three, as well as managing procurement and cash flow.

With advanced financial reporting capabilities as standard, bringing together financial information from across the organisation at the click of a mouse, as well as the ability to meet local regulatory requirements in all territories, Sage X3 ensures real-time visibility across the entire organisation, affording the business optimum levels of control over the bottom line at all times.

Supply chain management is another area where Sage X3 really makes a difference. By ensuring the real-time monitoring of inventory, keeping a firm handle on purchasing, sales management, customer service and purchasing, Sage X3 guarantees an efficient end-to-end supply chain. Accelerating the entire supply chain while reducing costs, keeping up with ever-changing customer demands without holding costly, excess inventory.

Similarly, when it comes to manufacturing, Sage X3 helps to accelerate time to market, managing all manufacturing processes with a single system. From BOM planning and shop floor control, through to quality control, by uniting all processes within a single system, Sage X3 puts you firmly in control, increasing planning accuracy for less waste and reduced risk, boosting productivity and speeding-up business response times.

The Benefits of Sage X3

Choosing Sage X3 accelerates your business, providing faster, more in-depth insights into not only costs but business performance too, with access to information from right across the business, spanning different divisions, companies and countries if necessary, providing timely, accurate insight to underpin smarter decision-making.

The information that can be gained from the system enables the business as a whole to operate at the speed required to compete effectively in our digital economy, keeping one step ahead of not just the competition but the customer too.

It simplifies everything as well, with a single comprehensive solution streamlining your software infrastructure, providing a complete view of the customer across all areas of the business and enabling easier collaboration across divisions, countries and multiple sites.

Gone are the days of a myriad of systems bolted together in an effort to smooth the flow of information across the business, with Sage X3 providing the ways and means to do just this without a hefty price-tag attached.

We are benefiting from quicker, more in-depth reporting, which enables us to monitor product performance much more closely and effectively. Previously we had to manually drill-down into reports to work back to find out how a particular product was performing, but we can now access all that information at the click of a mouse.

John Rowthorn
Financial Director, City Cruises

Sage X3 is one of our go-to solutions for our customers due to its flexible nature.

With a variety of configuration options alongside a choice of additional applications designed with industry-specific processes in mind, Sage X3 removes some of the issues that businesses face when it comes to managing multiple IT systems.

All while leaving the customer in full control of its IT strategy.

Add to this the fact that the solution can be delivered in the cloud or on-premise and you can see why its flexibility makes it an appealing solution for businesses around the world.

By bringing together all your business processes within an intelligent, unified system that sits at the heart of your business, Sage X3 can help you work smarter and more efficiently, securing real cost and time savings while increasing your business agility and your ability to respond effectively to customers and the wider market.

Sage X3 puts you firmly in control, changing the way your business operates and keeping you that one step ahead of the competition for continued success even in the most competitive of markets.

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