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Percipient Customer Success Manager, Frazer Hardy, examines how the right support can derive maximum value from your back-office software and considerably boost your ROI.

When it comes to investments in finance software, it can sometimes be a long and complex journey to get to the point of installation. That’s not to say that this is where the journey ends. In reality, installation can sometimes represent a tipping point, where previously attentive and efficient support can tail off, leaving customers to struggle through with limited help, trying to derive as much value as possible from their software investment.

The right partner is key throughout the entire customer journey, from initial contact, through implementation, go-live and beyond. Without the right levels of support in place, you can’t optimise your systems of choice and, worst case scenario, will face costly, unproductive downtime, delays in responses to queries and ultimately, inefficient solutions.

Additionally, not all support is created equal so it’s vital to choose the right level for your business. Personalised support can make all the difference. Maximising system uptime and making sure you optimise your system functionality, ensuring maximum ROI from your solution of choice. Access to a 24/7 helpdesk, be it on the phone or online, is now standard in many areas. A mere helpdesk for system fixes is no longer good enough if you are to derive maximum value from your financial management solutions.

So, in light of this, what should you be looking for in the right support partner?

End-to-End Assistance

Above all, support needs to be there from day one.

From your initial call or email, marking the start of your journey, through the assessment of your current situation, outlining exactly what it is that you require, to the proposal phase, you should be supported at every step of the way; by consultants on hand to offer not only guidance but to answer any questions you might have.

Support with the finalising of contracts and migration details is a must too. Characterising the start of what should be a long-term, two-way relationship, that continues into go-live and beyond.

Added Value

An effective support function needs to be staffed by professionals with experience not only in your particular finance solution but the experience of your industry too. This means that they can deliver system fixes, as well as understand the pain points that are often unique to your sector, advising how your chosen solution can then address these problems and challenges.

Support isn’t just about fixing technical problems, but also exploring the full functionality of your system. Improving and enhancing the user experience, and revisiting valuable capabilities that might have been overlooked in the initial rush to go live.

A good support team will take an objective view of your business. Pinpointing where your solution can add real, tangible value and optimise your operations. Suggesting new ideas and innovations, and highlighting how these can be applied to solve the specific needs of your business to maximise your ROI.

Dedicated Support

You should be dealing with a dedicated team, not multi-tasking consultants who have other roles and might be either unavailable or distracted by conflicting priorities. The best support comes from teams who are focussed solely on support, capable of dealing with ‘how-to questions’ and more business-critical issues too.

Of utmost importance is a support function you can trust. A smooth, two-way relationship paves the way for the most effective level of support, and it’s vital that you know who you’ll be dealing with from the outset. The best support should be an extension of your in-house team, with open, honest relationships resulting in the best outcomes, and helping to optimise how you use your solution.

A tailor-made, dedicated support function is vital throughout your entire customer journey. One size definitely doesn’t fit all but, get the fit right from the start and what results is a productive relationship that enables you to derive maximum value from your investments while seeing real productivity enhancements right across your business.

Sage Intacct Support Excellence

Experienced, professional consultants should be at the heart of a good support offering, and providing reliable system support is a core element of what we do. We have extensive experience in supporting Sage Intacct solutions. Covering all your technical requirements, to managing third-party business apps, and hosting, we take complete responsibility for your system needs – whether that system was implemented by us or another Sage partner.

Get in touch to request more information on our support services, or call us direct on 01606 871332 to discuss how we can help.

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