Sage Intacct
R4 2023

Percipient Sage Intacct Lead Consultant, Grace Freeman, shares her highlights of what you can expect from Sage Intacct’s final software update for 2023 (R4 2023).

What’s new in the latest release?

Sage Intacct Accounts Payable
Fix mistakes on submitted AP purchase invoices

If you’ve ever hit submit on an AP purchase invoice only to realise that you made a mistake, you’ll appreciate the new recall option for AP purchase invoice approvals.

Recall enables you to remove a submitted AP purchase invoice from the approval queue for editing. You can then update and resubmit for approval.

AP Purchase Invoice Recall AP Purchase Invoice Recall

How it works

Sage Intacct Accounts Payable
New pay bills column

Review a supplier’s preferred payment method when selecting AP purchase invoices to pay.

When you select a payment method, such as a cheque or record transfer/EFT, you can see which suppliers prefer payment using that method. You can then make your AP purchase invoice selections accordingly.

The preferred payment method isn’t set in the supplier information record. If you did not specify a preferred payment method for a supplier, this field is empty.

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Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable
Single payments for multiple customers

This idea came from you!

Last release, Sage Intacct launched the Early Adopter Program to support single payments for multiple customers. This option is useful when you receive a single payment but need to apply the payment to  AR sales invoices from different customers. Now this functionality is available to everyone.

Single Payments for Multiple Customers

How it works & setup

Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable
More filtering options in the customer aging report

Enjoy more filtering flexibility in the customer aging report.

New filter options now include the following:

  • Multiple customers
  • Customer group
  • Include child customers – this option is available when you filter by a range of customers

Customer Aging Report

How it works

Sage Intacct Cash Management
Easily identify matched reconciliation transactions with match sequences

Each time a transaction is matched, a unique sequence is assigned in the form of lowercase letters to each transaction. When you reconcile, the letters become capitalised.

During reconciliation, a match sequence value is assigned for:

  • Automatically matched transactions from an import file or bank feed
  • Manually matched transactions without a corresponding bank transaction – all manually matched transactions receive the same match sequence
  • Partially matched transactions
  • Draft matched transactions

If you unmatch transactions, the sequence value is removed. This sequence value will not be reused, so if you rematch the transactions a new value is assigned.

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Sage Intacct General Ledger
Control how far into the future you allow posting

You can now limit the number of unlocked fiscal years you have. This is especially important in regions where you’re required to set a limit.

Your unlocked fiscal years follow your locked period, so setting this limit controls how far into the future you can post. Limiting your unlocked fiscal years can help protect the integrity of your data, for example, by preventing accidental posting to dates far in the future.

How it works

Sage Intacct Reporting & Insights
Drill down from stored financial reports

Reporting & Insights

Analyse your data at any level of detail from stored financial reports. You can drill down to transaction-level details in the same way you can for reports that are not stored.

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Sage Intacct User Experience
Sage Intacct has a new look

When you sign into Sage Intacct you’ll notice that there’s been some changes including new colours, fonts, and new look links, to help create a more seamless experience across all Sage products.

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Sage Intacct Partner UK

These highlights are only a few of the many new features and enhancements that have come to Sage Intacct in the latest release. If you are a current Sage Intacct customer and want to learn more, you can read the full release notes and watch the highlights video for R4 2023 here.

The next Sage Intacct release date is due in February 2024. For more information on Sage Intacct or the latest software release, get in touch or call us on 01606 871332.

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