Have You Outgrown Your Finance Software?

The challenges and opportunities facing businesses today aren’t getting any easier. Inflexible on-premise finance software, that can’t adapt to change and growth will only hold your business back.

Many legacy accounting solutions don’t offer integration with other enterprise-level tools and systems. These limitations can leave you trapped in manual processes, spreadsheets, cumbersome workarounds, and slower workflows.

How Moving to the Cloud can Help

The cloud offers compelling advantages for deploying business software and particularly financial applications. Demand for cloud-based financial applications continues to grow because of the ability to access and analyse massive amounts of data in real-time.

Download our guide to learn how your finance systems may be holding you back, and discover what you can expect from a modern cloud-based solution.

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Upgrade From Sage 50 to Sage Intacct

Finance work’s best when there is a seamless collaboration between departments and functions.

Organisations need more from their back office systems than ever before. This includes using the most advanced SaaS and cloud-enabled software, that is easy to implement, configure, and update.

While your existing accounting software and processes have worked well for your organisation up to now, you may be starting to experience signs that you’re ready to upgrade. It could be time to move to a fully cloud-based, financial management solution.

Let’s use Sage 50cloud as an example of a great accounting platform, which may no longer be viable for your current business needs.

Financial Automation

Have manual processes become standard operating procedure?

Without automation for processes like PO approvals, invoice generation, payment processing and currency conversions, it’s easy to lose days of productivity to manual processes.

And when your systems aren’t able to communicate, integrations are replaced by manual workarounds.

Multi-Entity Business

Does you’re close time take over 10 days, and are you managing more than 2 entities?

Developed as an on-premise solution, Sage 50 wasn’t built to handle the needs of organisations that often have multiple business entities.

As a result, setting up a new entity may feel like a whole new implementation. Customisations have to be reconfigured, the chart of accounts has to be rebuilt, and all the entities are siloed off from each other.

Because of that, inter-entity transactions have to be manually keyed in to ensure the books are balanced and consolidations can take days to complete. These delays ultimately impact the speed you can close the books, making it feel like a never-ending cycle.

Operationally we’ve taken an entire month off our close period. This speed is largely due to eliminating manual intervention, ensuring the process is not only more efficient but less error-prone.

Peter Gibson,
Finance Director, Hastings Hotels

Financial Reporting

Are you configuring your reports in Excel?

As your business grows and develops a need for more complex reporting, it may simply outpace what your existing accounting solution can provide.

For example, you may not be able to ‘slice and dice’ your data in the ways that you need because the software lacks the dimensions and calculated fields.

Remote Access

Do you need to access your accounting system remotely?

With on-premise software you have two choices, work from the office or set up a remote access server.

In the wake of the global pandemic, with so much uncertainty over when and in some cases if everyone will be returning to the office, your team needs to be able to work remotely. True cloud-based software gives you and your team the ability to work anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Managing Growth

Is your software struggling to keep up?

While it likely helped to build the business, you may find Sage 50 is unable to keep pace with your current growth.

As you add business units and expand into new markets and geographies, you may feel your existing software is holding you back.

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