The Evolution of ERP

What is ERP?

In the simplest of terms, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a way of integrating and automating your core business functions to make them simpler and more efficient.

Bringing together key data from a range of business processes such as finance, HR and stock control makes it easier to see exactly what is happening in your business. This in turn gives you the insight you need to make clearly informed business decisions with confidence.

ERP Evolution

The concept of ERP dates back to 1913 when production engineer, Ford Whitman Harris, first developed a system for production scheduling in manufacturing. This became known as the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).

As technology developed, so did the concept. Evolving to cover a much broader scope of business activity from manufacturing to finance, human resources and customer relationship management. This latest business management software was to be known as Enterprise Resource Planning.

Modern ERP technology is used to provide key business data across a wide range of industries including hospitalitydistributionfinancial services and of course manufacturing.

ERP or BI?

Many people think there is no real difference between ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) software when actually, they are two different solutions with two very different objectives.

While ERP has traditionally been designed to collect, store and manage data from many business activities, BI systems have more of a focus on taking stored data to analyse trends. The differences could be defined as operational analytics and strategic analytics.

Cloud-based enterprise management systems, combine all the benefits of both ERP and BI solutions. A match made in the cloud, the combination of ERP with BI systems allow you to align and improve your workflow.

You can check your stock levels whilst you are out with a customer, approve orders on-the-go, or access key information whilst you’re in a meeting.

Business benefits of cloud-based business management systems:

  • Integrate business intelligence from customer orders to planning, production and distribution
  • Enhance productivity by automating processes and making them faster and more accurate
  • Improve performance and reduce duplication and discontinuity
  • Improve data analysis for clearer reporting with real-time information
  • Improve efficiency through integrated supply chains and a common user experience

Key Business Insight

We’ve worked with two of the leading enterprise software providers – Oracle and Sage – for over 15 years and we’ve grown with the developments in their ERP and BI technology.

Today, we use business critical systems and data analytics to provide our customers with the key insights they need to help them improve efficiencies, meet industry compliance, adapt to change and embrace growth.

For more information on how our we can help you to a gain a deeper insight of your business, get in touch or call us on 01606 871332.

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