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Chris Stock, Managing Director, Percipient, examines the expedited need for digital adoption and automation within the finance function, in the wake of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has brought new challenges to organisations of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors. While many have been unable to operate normally through the pandemic, that hasn’t stopped them from adapting. As the process of recovery starts, the time to seek fresh opportunities, pivot into new markets, revive operations and look positively to the future, is a welcome shift for millions of businesses around the UK.

The coronavirus pandemic has expedited the need for digital adoption to support evolving business strategies and adjust to new objectives. Having the infrastructure and processes in place to navigate the immediate and ongoing challenges to business is paramount. Our focus is to help organisations understand their business’s evolving needs, prepare for the future, and transform existing strategies to match new digital expectations.

From remote working to accessing real-time business insights, and the ability to look ahead with predictive analytics, fully integrated business management systems are rapidly emerging as an essential tool for business recovery.

Our focus is to help organisations understand the evolving needs of their business, prepare for the future, and transform existing strategies to match new digital expectations.

Chris Stock
Managing Director, Percipient


We often find organisations happy to invest in cutting-edge front-office solutions that represent the brand to the outside world, while continuing to struggle with paper-based, labour-intensive back-office processes and a network of disparate legacy systems that require manual data inputting and the physical amalgamation of reports.

Not only is this set-up highly inefficient, but the reported data will also never be up to date, having already bounced from department to department, and spreadsheet to spreadsheet.

Investment into a finance solution across the business, spanning all business processes, will unite key financial information for optimum business efficiency and underpin faster decision-making.

By letting technology take care of data input and analysis, you can automatically generate reports without waiting for manual reconciliations, ensuring consistency, data integrity, and automating repetitive manual tasks to free up time and enable the finance function to add more value to the business.

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