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Having the right systems in place to support your team, and manage data, is crucial to the successful running of a business.

But how do you know when you’ve reached the point of a finance software upgrade? And what do you do next?

Upgrade to the Cloud

Upgrade to
the Cloud

Whether your business is evolving in terms of product range, number of employees, or number of entities, you need a finance system that can match the growth of your business.

Our next level accounting systems do just that. They offer greater visibility, greater capacity, and an extended functionality that will not only meet your immediate growth requirements, but will continue to scale with future business expansion.

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7 key signs you need to upgrade
your current finance system:

Does your finance team spend days struggling through month end close with paper-based, labour intensive processes?

By upgrading your back office systems with Sage Intacct, your end of month financial reports can be generated automatically – saving you time, and increasing your team’s efficiency.

Using Sage Intacct, Hastings Hotels have reduced their close period by 4 weeks. Eliminating the need for manual intervention, increasing operational efficiency, and making the whole process less error-prone.

Does your back office function feel like a spiderweb of software solutions and processes?

Our Sage Intacct solutions integrate seamlessly with the business systems you have in place today, whilst also being ready to integrate with any new applications you may want to add in the future.

Discover our tried and tested methodology to untangling your back office systems and processes.

Can your existing system align your workflow, with real-time access to data on-the-go?

With an upgrade to Sage Intacct, you can stay connected to your data anytime, anywhere.

You can log in from any device, wherever you have an internet connection, and keep track of your business performance whilst managing opportunities on-the-go.

Can your current solution integrate with front-end systems to provide business-wide insights?

If you’re struggling to see the bigger picture when it comes to your performance, upgrading your back office software to a fully integrated, cloud-based solution, will help you to see more.

With Sage Intacct’s dashboards you have the agility and flexibility to quickly dissect the details that matter the most. And when you have new questions, dive deeper into your data with custom reports, dashboards, or visualisations, in real-time so you can act on your data immediately.


Do you have a complete and accurate view of where your business is spending and earning money?

Operating cost-effectively requires the ability to manage data on payroll, stock, and other expenses efficiently.

Sage Intacct is a flexible and configurable core financial management platform, built entirely in the cloud, and designed to give you an accurate view of your cash position and working capital.

Discover more about Sage Intacct core financials:

Do your current finance solutions and processes comply with tax regulations and industry specific legislation?

Tax and accounting laws are changing all the time. Upgrading to a cloud-based accounting system can help you to future-proof your business against these changes as the software automatically adapts to comply.

Our finance solutions are fully compliant with MTD, IFRS16, GDPR, USALI and validated for regulated industries. We also offer a full compliance and validation service as part of our system integrations or as part of an independent review.

Can you customise your software to match your business needs?

Accounting software shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as every business is different, so is every system that we implement or upgrade.

Our software upgrades provide flexibility to adapt features and customise reports to match the way you do business now, and to evolve with your business as it grows.

If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch to book a demo or request a call back.

Sage Intacct
In Action

Thanks to Sage Intacct, Hastings Hotels has a greatly improved visibility of higher quality information. Giving them the ability to drilldown into their data for a deeper understanding of each hotel’s performance at any given time.

Operationally they have reduced their close period by 4 weeks through eliminating the need for manual intervention. Ensuring the process is not only more efficient but also less error-prone.

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As we look to the next leg of our digital transformation journey, we are confident that we have the best foundation in place, supported by the best people.

Peter Gibson,
Finance Director, Hastings Hotels

Sage Business App Upgrades & Extended Functionality

Sage Business

If you’re looking to enhance the functionality of your existing Sage Intacct or Sage X3 software, without the need for a complete system overhaul, we can help.

From payments and payroll, to reporting and forecasting, we can help you to save time and better manage your resources, with a range of connected apps that work perfectly with your existing software.

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Accounting Software for Business Change

Business Change

Change is a prerequisite of all business. The very nature of how we do business is constantly changing, as we all operate in faster and more dynamic environments.

When a business needs to adapt to its changing environment, it’s important to ensure that its back office functions are fit for purpose. If you’re worried your existing solution is no longer meeting the needs of your business, we provide system health checks to assess where you could be falling short.

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