Is Your Finance System
Wasting Money?

Undoubtedly, 2020 was one of the hardest years for the hospitality industry, with the global pandemic bringing the sector to a standstill almost overnight. Steps to reopen are still tentative, with the looming threat of local lockdowns ever-present.

In light of this, the industry is under increasing pressure to make real cost and efficiency savings in an effort to not only offset the negative impact of 2020 but to build a more agile, sustainable business, ready to weather any future storms that might come its way.

Delivering Financial

One area which is often overlooked is that of back-office systems, particularly finance systems, which can be a hidden source of cost inefficiencies, with outdated, inefficient systems not delivering anywhere near the levels of value they should.

With this in mind, we’ve identified five ways that many hospitality businesses are actually wasting money with their finance system, looking at how this can be remedied.

Is Your Finance System Wasting Money?

The right finance solution should be an enabler of growth, establishing an efficient infrastructure and the ability to scale with your business.



Hospitality requires the flexibility to act on real-time insights and deal with new challenges faster than ever before.

A cloud-based finance system can provide your business with the tools to adapt and move forwards in an increasingly connected, digital world.

Using our proven deployment methodology, we can help you achieve all the benefits of a true cloud-based financial management solution in as little as 9 weeks.

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