The Explosion of Big Data

The explosion of Big Data and the ever-increasing access we have to information, remains a key driving force behind the many waves of transformation that we have experienced since the dawn of the digital age.

For many businesses, making sense of the sheer amount of data available can be challenging. Volumes of data alone will not provide valuable insights and it puts organisations at risk of becoming data rich and insight poor environments.

To add to this, a lot of data is also time sensitive. Accumulating a vast amount of data across multiple disparate databases, without the appropriate tools to process and analyse it, means businesses are missing out on relevant and actionable insights as they happen.

Data visualisation is a way of processing and presenting large amounts of information in an easy to interpret, graphical format. Using visual elements like graphs, charts, maps images and videos, data visualisation tools help people to analyse and understand the significance of data, in a highly effective and accessible way.

Oracle Data Visualisation

Data visualisation from Oracle allows users to discover, explore and interact with their data at any time, from any device, using stunningly visual analytics.

Going beyond the display of numbers and facts, Oracle Data Visualisation presents rich interactive visuals, that capture insights and build a narrative around your data.

The user-friendly interface allows you to drag and drop charts, graphs and attributes to present critical business insights in an easy to read and shareable story.

An online search and guided navigation allows users to explore highly accurate, real-time data in order to quickly identify anomalies and take faster actions in decision making.

You can analyse historical insights against current performance to compare and predict future trends as well as collaborate within your teams by easily sharing crucial information.

Benefits of Oracle Data Visualisation:

  • Connect and collaborate – analyse the connections between multi-dimensional data sets from multiple sources to create intelligent integrations throughout your organisation.
  • Accurate and consistent analytics – compare and analyse your current performance against historical data in order to confidently predict future trends to an incredibly accurate degree.
  • Rapid reactions to anomalies – identify deviations quickly with user-friendly search and guided navigation features that provide detailed, real-time data.
  • Informed decision-making – explore more of your data and gain new insights to promote faster reactions to under-performing areas.

Enterprise Wide Data

The bigger your business grows, the more complex it becomes to manage. Implementing a data visualisation tool such as Oracle will not only help you to see your core business processes, but to also understand how they interact with each other.

By embracing enterprise wide data, in a centralised solution which integrates naturally with your business’s growing needs, you’ll have everything you need to streamline operations, boost productivity, manage growth and increase your profitability.

Contact us for more information on data visualisation and the benefits Oracle could bring to your business, or call the team directly on 01606 871332 to discuss your needs in more detail.

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